#Playslist de outubro

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Hey! Quase deixei a playlist desse mês passar, quase…Em outubro eu escutei 3 musicas que eu ainda não conhecia: “Comptine d’un autre été” que faz parte da trilha sonora do filme “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”, “Say love” que é o novo single da Jojo e “I don’t want to change you” do fantástico Damien Rice. Espero que vocês gostem.

1. Comptine d’un autre été – L’après-midi
Treco que eu amei gostei: Instrumental.

2. Disaster – Jojo
Trecho que eu mais gostei: You made me happy, baby. Love is crazy, so amazing. But it’s changing, rearranging.

3. I don’t want to change you – Damien Rice
Treacho que eu mais gostei:” I’ve never been with anyone In the way I’ve been with you. But if love is not for fun, then it’s doomed. Because water races, water races down.”

4. Say love – Jojo
Trecho que eu mais gostei: “Because where I wanna be is far apart, from where we are, from where we are. And I thought I found the place where we could start talk from the heart, talk from the heart.”

5. Delicate – Damien Rice
Trecho que eu mais gostei: “So why do you fill my sorrow with the words you’ve borrowed, from the only place you’ve known? And why do you sing hallelujah, If it means nothing to you, why do you sing with me at all?